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Sacramento is known for being a diverse and unique place to live.


Sacramento nursing schools and collegesThe city of Sacramento is a great place to live if you're considering a career in nursing. As Time magazine named Sacramento "America's Most Integrated City" in 2002, it's no surprise that the city is a blending of western traditions with traditional Spanish culture. With a median age between 35 and 65, the city of Sacramento is home to numerous leading nursing schools.

Parks and Recreation in Sacramento, CA

A great place to life for those who crave an active lifestyle, the city of Sacramento is home to numerous trails, parks, and public recreation areas. Popular activities in the city include in-line skating, cycling, horseback riding, running, walking, and hiking.

One of the most popular parks in the city of Sacramento is Discover Park. Spanning 300 square kilometers, Discover Park is a great place to explore, picnic, and enjoy the great outdoors. The weather of Sacramento, which is typically warm and pleasant, lends itself to taking advantage of the great outdoors!


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The Culture of Sacramento, CA

Home to numerous theaters and playhouses, Sacramento is home to a lively arts community. The city is also home to the Camelia Singers, and the Sacramento Philharmonic. As such, residents and tourists alike enjoy the performances of numerous arts organizations throughout the year. In addition, the city is home to several live music venues, and the city is home to a large number of hardcore, metal, and rock bands.

The city of Sacramento is also home to several historic sites, including Sutter's Fort and the Central Pacific Railroad Building. One of the most popular destinations inside of Sacramento is Old Sacramento, which offers visitors historic buildings and cobbled streets. In addition, the city offers paddle wheeler rides and steam engine rides that are popular among tourists.

Nursing School in Sacramento

The city of Sacramento is home to a large number of private schools, universities, and colleges. Some of the large schools in Sacramento include University of California, Sacramento State, University of the Pacific, and the UC Davis School of Medicine.

In addition, the city has numerous health care educational facilities that aren't connected with theses schools, meaning that prospective nursing students have quite a few options living in Sacramento, CA. As an added bonus, the large number of colleges means that sports fans have no shortage of sporting events to follow throughout the year.


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